Product Advantages

  • supermarket island freezer
    DUSUNG Commercial Refrigeration Is The Biggest Supermarket Island Freezer Manufacturer In China.
  • Glass Door Freezer
    DUSUNG Commercial Glass Door Freezer & Glass Door Cooler
  • Deli Refrigeration showcase
    DUSUNG Refrigeration Lift up Glass Deli Case
  • Dual Compressor Dual Temperature Promotion Refrigeration Cabinet
    DUSUNG Dual Compressor,Dual Temperature Promotion Refrigeration Cabinet
  • Self Service Counter
    DUSUNG Epta Style,Butcher Shop Refrigeration Equipment
  • Dual Air Curtain Refrigerator
    DUSUNG Dual Jet Air Curtain Multidecks Remote

About Company

DUSUNG group established in Qingdao since 2002, after 16 years in the field of the commercial refrigeration  manufacture,we have 5 well-known commercial freezer brands-DUSUNG,KAICHUANG,BINHONG ZHONGKELVNENG, KCK.

DUSUNG refrigeration is the biggest island freezer manufacturer in China.


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